KDI Invest: Powering Investment with Artificial Intelligence

KDI Invest: A Revolutionary Investment That Works for You 24/7

The past few years have been rather tumultuous, from the worldwide stock market crash in 2020 to the very recent Russia-Ukraine conflict, The investment landscape is getting more challenging by the day. And when human emotions are thrown into the mix, we can expect more unpredictable outcomes in returns and even see some losses.

In such a commotion, however, there is a silver lining. With the advent of superior technology in the form of Artificial Intelligence (A.I.), we can now overcome some of the shortcomings of human-based portfolio management by minimising unnecessary errors and taking an unbiased approach in handling investments in real-time.

Digitalized Robo-Advisory Platform

While we are still reeling from the effects of the pandemic and global uncertainties, we now have an extra option for our investment playbook. With an ever-expanding data-infused library of investment strategies, the use of Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) can help to process data quickly, enhance decision making, and generate more investment ideas.

An A.I.-energized robo-advisor is able to simplify the whole investment process while charging significantly lower fees compared to traditional investment platforms. The secret? A.I. automation in every step of the end-to-end process, from idea generation to trade execution.

With the help of automation, the whole investment is made straightforward by removing the guesswork in stock picking with a structured selection process, enhanced by machine learning and systematically calculating asset allocation with the Nobel-winning Markowitz Modern Portfolio Theory to obtain the best risk-adjusted returns.

KDI Invest – Leveraging on A.I. and Machine Learning

KDI Invest is a fully automated, A.I.-driven robo-advisory that utilises state-of-the-art technologies, removing the traditional barriers of investing. With KDI Invest, investors can experience a tailored approach for their diversified global portfolio that is managed according to their risk profile.

At KDI Invest, the proprietary algorithmic system is the embodiment of 4 major inputs from the domain of A.I. and machine learning.

1. Data Analysis

With the abundance of data available, it would typically require thousands of human hours to collect, compute, and decipher the underlying correlations to come up with an investment thesis. KDI Invest is able to streamline the process through automation, ensuring high data quality and accuracy. Like a robot that never sleeps, our automated data collection system screens and reviews over a thousand data points each day and categorises them into several key areas such as fundamental, technical, and economic data. The data then is converted into unique formats which are then fed into our machine learning algorithms.

2. Machine Learning

The cornerstone of KDI Invest’s A.I. investment framework, machine learning is governed by two major processes. The first is “feature selection”, where undesirable or inappropriate input variables are detected and deprioritised, leaving the important factors that are expected to be most useful to the models. The trained data is then fed into the machine learning processes that make use of the features identified to make predictions about the investment performance variable.

KDI Invest uses multiple machine learning methods, according to the underlying conditions at any given time. Machine learning methods range from the standardised “supervised learning” techniques, which include the most basic regression (y=mx + c) to the increasingly advanced “unsupervised learning” techniques such as k-means clustering or even deep learning. KDI Invest makes the best use of machine learning’s predictive analytics to help determine the best possible outcome for investment decision-making and asset allocation.

3. Asset Allocation

Once the machine learning process is performed to evaluate the ‘investability’ of each exchange-traded fund (ETF), KDI Invest then employs the use of A.I. to run the asset allocation automatically in accordance with the Markowitz Portfolio Theory (MPT). First developed by Nobel laureate Harry Markowitz, MPT is an optimization method whereby portfolios are constructed with the goal of ensuring the risk-adjusted return is at its most efficient level.

KDI Invest understands that not everyone has the same risk profile. After using machine learning to contextualise the characteristics of each ETF to the ongoing economic conditions, KDI Invest then uses a mean-variance optimization process to calculate the efficient portfolio allocation that: maximizes expected returns, while minimizing expected risk, all the while taking into consideration each client’s unique characteristics such as investment horizon, age, and risk tolerance.

4. Trading & Rebalancing

Upon completion of the portfolio allocation process, KDI Invest further leverages on A.I. to derive the required number of shares to be transacted on behalf of all clients on an omnibus level. This includes fractional shares to ensure that the targeted asset allocation is achieved. Doing this via A.I. at an omnibus level allows investors to enjoy economies of scale instead of engaging the broker to perform buy/sell transactions for each individual investor. A.I. technology is also used in daily monitoring, whereby rebalancing will be performed automatically if there is a significant deviation in weightings from the targeted asset allocation.

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